Medical Staffing Network Travel is one of the most distinguished brands in the marketplace for travel nurses, providing the most inclusive portfolio of service offerings within a wide variety of healthcare specialties.

Here is your chance to explore the country while being in the nursing profession you love.

Who wouldn’t love the opportunity to discover a new city or town every three or six months? As a travel nurse with Medical Staffing Network Travel, this is exactly what you’ll be able to do. Head to the surfing beaches of Southern California, make your way to the final frontier of Alaska, or lose yourself in the urban sprawl of New York City! The choice is completely yours and this is why more and more nurses are deciding to give travel nursing a chance… and most of them are never looking back.

Travel nursing is a fantastic option for any RN, at any point in his/her career. Novice or veteran — the field ranges from young RNs looking for some adventure to seasoned staff that isn’t ready to retire but want flexibility and a change of scenery. Of course, some nurses also see travel as ideal way to build their experience and their résumé while earning a great salary, living rent free and receiving many of the comprehensive benefits they would earn in a full-time position.

Of course, having been in the healthcare staffing industry as long as Medical Staffing Network Travel has, we know a few tips to ensure a successful travel nursing career right from the start:

  • Have at least one recent year of acute-care experience
  • Have good references
  • Be adventurous and ready to try something new
  • Be flexible
  • Be willing to jump in and get your feet wet quickly

As a travel nurse, you’ll stay current on the latest medical technology. You'll also have a better chance of getting the hands-on training you need to stay ahead in your specialty area. Plus, changing your working environment every 13 or 26 weeks, the typical length of an assignment, will make adapting to new environments second nature to you. You'll be able to learn and accept new ways of doing routine procedures.

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