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Our Client Bill Of Rights

Dear Travelers,

As Vice President of the Nursing Division for Medical Staffing Network Travel, I wanted you to know just how much I value our partnership. I realize that in any business, the way you treat and help your clients dictates your success. Through relatively simple actions we can quickly build a solid, loyal customer base. Of course, I also realize that these efforts must be constant —our future is riding on the service each one of us delivers. That’s why I strive to ensure that we do our very best to assist you, our valued client.

To help in our efforts, we have developed “Our Client Bill of Rights”:

As our Healthcare Professional Client, you have the right to expect...

  • Respectful, courteous and professional treatment.
  • Knowledgeable and resourceful management of your relationship with our company.
  • Clear and timely communication regarding all aspects of your travel experience.
  • Results that confirm we do what we say we will do.
  • Prompt improvement should our service ever fall short.
  • Attentive and proactive responses on any issue or problem that may arise.

This is a list of actions we pledge to uphold every time we work with you. Day in and day out, we will work hard to meet and exceed your expectations. And if we let you down in any way by not meeting one of your RIGHTS, we want to know about it. Please contact 800.925.9254 with any of your concerns.


Wendi Dusseault
Executive Vice President, Travel Nursing Division
Medical Staffing Network Travel

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