Starting a career as a travel nurse is relatively simple. Apply Now!

Everything you need to start you travel nursing career can be found right here.

At Medical Staffing Network Travel, our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to start a career in travel nursing. That's why we have all the forms you'll need to complete before you can start an assignment right here, ready for download.  

In addition to the paperwork we must have on file before you can actually start working, we also have included other information that will come in handy. These items include a thorough list of Board of Nursing contacts by state, a housing checklist and so much more.  

The first list of documents you'll see on this page are essentially our travel nurse eligibility forms and these will need to be completed in full and returned to your recruiter as soon as possible. Over the course of your career with us, you may be asked to update the information provided on these forms if anything changes.  

The second set of documents is standard information that you can download and keep as useful tools. The licensure processing time is particularly important to reference as a travel nurse. It will help you prepare as you take more and more assignments.  

All of the documents provided can be obtained by following these simple instructions:

  1. Download and print the appropriate form(s).

  2. Required Forms Needed Prior to Starting Your First Assignment:
  3. Fill out the form(s).
  4. Mail or Fax the form(s) to:

    Mailing Address:
    Your Recruiter's Name
    Medical Staffing Network Travel
    4101 McEwen Road, Suite 800
    Dallas TX, 75244

    Use your recruiter's direct fax number or 888.298.3146

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