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When a travel nurse becomes a patient, the scrutiny of quality care is higher than ever.

Traveler Tales - Shanna Rucker / Lucia Lovas
Medical Staffing Network Travel
January 10, 2017 15:09 PM (GMT-04:00)
Traveler Tales

In our current healthcare market where nurses are in such high demand, many in the profession can feel overworked and overlooked. So when Travel Registered Nurse Shanna R. found herself on the receiving end of hospital bed, she realized just how important it is to recognize great patient care. Shanna’s story goes like this:

On Nov. 9, Shanna was rushed to Northridge Hospital, CA after being struck by a car while she was out running. “I was in pretty bad shape, she explains. But as a nurse myself, I was very aware of the type of treatment I was receiving.” Shanna remembers being cared for by an EXCELLENT nurse named Lucia.

Shanna states, “Lucia was so kind and patient, and her clinical skills and nursing judgment were top notch. I remember feeling so well taken care of that I thought that I was experiencing a 1:1 nurse-patient ratio.” In other words, Shanna thought that her condition was so serious that Lucia only had her for a patient. That's because it seemed like Lucia was always there; checking on her, asking her about the pain, making her comfortable, keeping her medicated, providing education, etc. “I don't think I ever needed to use my call light. I was shocked when she told me that she had 5 patients”, Shana remembers.

In Shanna’s opinion Lucia was nothing short of amazing. In fact, she asked Lucia to come back just to be her nurse again during her weeklong stay in the hospital. “Lucia set the bar very high for the nurses to follow and several of them paled in comparison”, says Shanna. What was even more intriguing was for Shanna to find out that Lucia, like herself, was a travel nurse working for a sister company of her travel staffing agency.

Shanna noticed that the nurse taking report from Lucia seemed to piled on last minute expectations that Shanna felt should not have been Lucia's responsibility. Lucia just took it all in stride. She was very professional and also VERY helpful to her when the same nurse ignored her complaints of severe pain.

Shanna continues, “I didn't know that Lucia was a registry nurse until she said goodbye to me at the end of her shift. Imagine my pleasant surprise when she told me she was with Medical Staffing Network Travel! Lucia went over and beyond for me, and I really appreciated all of her hard work and caring. I thanked her that day, but I also wanted to make sure that Medical Staffing Network Travel knows what a good nurse they have as well.”


At Medical Staffing Network (MSN) Travel, we always believe that we have the best healthcare professionals in the business — but it’s always heartwarming to hear stories like this from Shanna and Lucia. In fact, by having Shanna share this story and knowing what an excellent nurse Lucia has been on all of her assignments, MSN also recently awarded Lucia with The Daisy Award This award recognizes extraordinary nurses and honors the super-human work they do every day for patients and families.

If you’re an RN that’s looking to go where you are truly needed while breathing new life into the career you love, MSN can help you get started. Lucia's Travel Recruiter is Luke Barragan and he would love to hear from other nurses who are ready to get started traveling! You can email him at lukebarragan@msnhealthcom.

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