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Risk Management

For any patient care incident or legal situation related to your care, please call immediately. 888.235.3321 or 800.513.5635

  • Severe wounds or internal injuries
  • Sudden or unexpected death
  • Birth related injures-maternal or fetal
  • Significant medication error
  • Paralysis, brain damage, sight loss 
  • Disability like: amputation, sepsis, any unanticipated sensory, fracture or disfigurement. Systemic or neurological defects 
  • Any housing incident

Discuss only with Medical Staffing Network Travel Risk Management

Workers’ Compensation

For an injury related to your job or work activities please call Medical Staffing Network’s Workers’ Compensation team immediately at 800.695.7810.

  • Do NOT go to the ER. That is only for emergencies (severe bleeding, broken bones, loss of consciousness).
  • Our WC team will find a nearby Clinic where you can receive treatment for your injuries and get follow up care in the future (if required).
  • Do NOT give the clinic your personal health information. They will get our WC insurance billing information from our WC team.
  • Stay in touch with the WC team about your Clinic visit and medical treatment so we can process all your WC Benefits promptly.

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