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A travel nursing career with Medical Staffing Network Travel offers registered nurses an opportunity for adventure, success and professional fulfillment. When you work with us, you’ll have the ability to choose where and when you want to go. Plus, you can feel confident in knowing you’re providing your skills and compassion where they're needed the most. Hospitals and healthcare facilities all across the country look to us to fill their staffing needs, so that they can maintain their level of quality patient care.

As a travel nurse with Medical Staffing Network Travel, you get to explore our vast and beautiful country while earning a great salary, living rent-free, receiving comprehensive health benefits and so much more. Another benefit of changing your clinical surroundings every three to six months is that you get a fresh perspective on how routine procedures are done. You will undoubtedly add to your skill set while working with clinicians that are top in their field.

Medical Staffing Network Travel has built a solid reputation by developing an intimate understanding of the healthcare industry and our facility clients. Our expertise and commitment to delivering the highest quality careers and candidates in a trusted, reliable manner is nationally recognized. As a result, our job database is always growing and changing — providing you with the confidence you need to enjoy a long running travel nursing career.

Medical Staffing Network Travel realizes the importance of your contributions and the overall impact you have on patient care. We only offer you opportunities that are as specialized as you are, allowing you to focus on your individual area of expertise, within your ideal setting. We work with world-renowned hospitals, healthcare facilities, private practices and walk-in clinics. This is your chance to take your nursing career down a new and exciting path. Find your perfect assignment today by completing a search above or by calling one of our Talent Acquisition Specialists now at 800.925.9254.

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